IBBLS, the alcohol division of Coca Cola Israel:

A collaboration with 3 leading international alcohol super brands, to create a case of alcoholic ice cream in branded individual packages (pints) combining the three flavors:


  • Grapefruit orange Campari  
  • Ouzo 12 with lemon and mint
  • Baileys Irish Cream with a Ripple of Coffee

These packages are sold at Deli Cream chain branches as well as in alcohol stores throughout the country



Ferrero Global Company / Nutella:

A collaboration with Ferrero company under close supervision on their behalf in order to confirm the quality and taste of the product, we produced:


  • Nutella ice cream 
  • Vanilla ice cream with Nutella Ripple 


Famous local Foodies':

A collaboration with three major foodies in the local culinary industry, Creating the ultimate traditional “Purim” delivery with new and surprising flavors created & inspired by their famous dishes, while we were required to provide a unique solution and transform these flavors into ice cream flavors:


  • Chocolate truffles ice cream - by Racheli Krut (Krutit)
  • Lemon cream with basil, topped with pistachio cream - by Natalie Levin (
  • Cornflakes with white chocolate & milk - by Or Ben Oliel




Oreo brand:

As part of Oreo’s 110th anniversary celebrations, a collaboration of the two brands, Oreo and Deli Cream, combining the mini-Oreo cup with the Deli Cream soft vanilla ice cream and white chocolate sauce with Oreo cookies as a new product which is sold in all of Deli Cream branches and was promoted in a "pop-up project" for two weeks in Sarona Market in Tel Aviv.


Milka brand:

In collaboration with the Milka brand we produce real "Milka chocolate" ice cream.