For over 3 decades, we zealously maintain the quality of ingredients, recipes, taste and texture that remain long after eaten… Because after all, no one can fool the taste buds.

We are Deli Cream, a family company that was established in 1989 in the city of Rishon LeZion under the management of the Ben Bassat family, Sami, Rina and their two sons, Avi and Sharon. 


Our ice cream chain store branches under the label "Deli Cream", are located in dozens of locations in a variety of cities in Israel.

The ”Deli Cream” factory, where all the "magic" happens, is  located in the new industrial zone in Rishon LeZion, and managed under the close supervision of the Ministry of Health, as well as by the Ben Bassats. The factory facilities meet all the stringent standards required both by local authorities and by the environmental authorities. 


Our production lines are combined with dedicated end-user technology equipment tailor made specifically to the needs of the factory and which provide us with uncompromising production capabilities, both in quality and in the type and nature of the product, from containers for sale in display freezers in the chain store's branches, through portion packaging such as frozen yogurt bases, pints and private labeling, to ice cream inserts and ripples also produced in house. 


Delicream operates under the close supervision of the Rabbinate of Israel, with rabbinical qualifications for all products supplied to the chain store's branches and the approval by the "Beit Yosef Badatz" for the HORECA brand.


As a family business that has been operating for more than three decades and has fondled entire generations with the purity of quality ice cream made in Israel, we continue with full vigor in maintaining the taste, the quality and the love for ice cream. 

At the end of the day, we can write about the quality of raw materials, about strict adherence to recipes, about quality of service and local Israeli production pride.... But what we really want to say, is that for us, Deli Cream, it's just delicious!

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